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Feature overview

CashIO Feature Compare Overview

Feature SILVER Edition GOLD Edition PLATINUM Edition TITANIUM Edition
Number of note cassettes up to 4 up to 4 up to 5 up to 6
Capacity of note cassettes 500 notes 1500 notes 2500 notes 2500 notes
Number of note acceptors 1 1 1 up to 2
Note acceptor capacity 1000 notes 1000 notes up to 2400 notes up to 6000 notes
Coin denominations 4 4 4 4
Coin hopper capacity up to 500 up to 1000 up to 2000 up to 2000
Recommended transactions per day 250 500 750 1000
Touch screen 10″ or 21″ 24″ or 32″ curved 32″ 24″
6mm steel safe + + +
Receipt printer o + + +
Swipe card reader +
DIP card reader o o +
Motorized card reader o o o +
Magnetic cards
Smart cards
RFID cards
Ticket redemption + + + +
Ticket issuing o o o +
Card redemption/charge o + + +
Card issuing o o
Keyboard o o +
Jackpot payout o o +
UPS o o +
POS, ATM o o o
Check cashing o o
Cash-N-Go o o
Fingerprint sensor o o o
Vein sensor o o
Electronic safe door lock o o o
Advertisement o o o Second 24″ screen
Barcode scanner o o o
Surveillance o o o
Device lights Flicker lights LED text modules
Machine status lights Tower light Side pane glass
Internal lights Safe illuminated
Multi-currency o o o
ID scanner option o

Legend: o = optional; + = standard


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TITA feature overview

TITA Feature Compare Overview

Feature SILVER Edition GOLD Edition PLATINUM Edition
Change Tickets into Chips + + +
Print Change Ticket + + +
Validation through Casino Online System + + +
Graphical User Interface + + +
Touch Screen + + +
Redeem Promotional Vouchers + + +
Manual Cash Transactions + + +
Optional Customer Display + + +
Remote Monitoring of Fill Levels + + +
Remote Monitoring of Transactions + + +
Remote Monitoring of Fill Levels + + +
Remote Configuration + + +
Remote Software Update + + +
Remote Operator Administration + + +
Camera for Barcode Recognition +
Counterfeit Detection 2 Notes per Second 1,000 Notes per Minute
Bundle Acceptor for Notes and Tickets Up to 30 Notes Up to 100 Notes
Cash Box with Stacked Notes Up to 2,200 Notes
Safe Bag for Notes and Tickets Up to 10,000 Notes
Escrow +
Accepting Multiple Foreign Currencies + +
Automated Update of Exchange Rates + +

Legend: o = optional; + = standard



Terminal TITA with acceptor

TITA Gold acceptor with banknotes


TITA Gold adds an automated banknote acceptor to the system including a box where the notes and tickets are securely stacked. The stacked notes and ticket and be easily processed by the soft count team without hand sorting. Not only the tickets will be checked by the system also the banknotes will be checked and counterfeit notes will be rejected. On top of this TITA Gold can accept foreign currency notes. ART server is providing the corresponding exchange rates. This allows the dealer to exchange foreign currency into chips in a heartbeat. Obviously it is possible to configure an absolute fee or a fee percentage that is kept by the casino.

Product Videos

Provide chips for cash by using bundle acceptor

Provide chips for multiple tickets by using bundle acceptor

Product Flyer

Product Flyer TITA

TITA Platinum


Terminal TITA Platinum

TITA Platinum print ticket

TITA Platinum allows you to exchange large amounts of cash into chips. With a speed of 16 notes per second the unit can count up to 200 notes into the escrow. If the customer doesn’t accept the counted amount you can return the money to the customer with one touchscreen click. In case the customer accepts the amount also with one touchscreen click the money can be deposited into the safebag of the unit. The standard safe bag holds up to 10,000 notes while the XL version of the safebag can hold up to 20,000 notes. There is an optional customer display available that shows the counted ticket and cash amounts. Similar as the TITA Gold the TITA Platinum can accept foreign currency and automatically convert them into chips with the same speed as with the local currency.

Pay and print ticket with high speed acceptor


Product Flyer

Product Flyer TITA

CashIO Platinum Rear

Rear Service Option

The casinoterminal CashIO Platinum is also available with an optical improved rear service option. The following pictures show the CashIO Platinum with rear service option in a sample configuration:

For an overview of all terminal features visit our Feature overview.


For more information about our CashIo Platinum:



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