CASHIO is our product family of cashier redemption kiosks for casinos and route gaming.


The Cashier terminal is available in two editions:

CASHIO Chrome Edition





Boosting revenues while cutting costs –it can be done!

Long lines at the cashiers mean increased machine idle time – and that hurts both your bottom line and your customers‘ satisfaction. Plus, all over the world, coinless and cashless gaming is gaining ground against the traditional coinbased systems.

CASHIO Chrome Edition

CASHIO Chrome automates cash handling at the cashier by offering an industry first true cashier assisted terminal with five cassettes and bundle note acceptor.


CASHIO Chrome features:

  • Pay Out all denominations from under the counter
  • Stack and clear up to 50 notes in one transaction
  • Issue a high value ticket from the cashier
  • Reads tickets and cards
  • Multiple ticket collection
  • Utilises high capacity multi denominational coin dispenser
  • Acts as a skim safe for high denominations
  • Stacks and stores up to 2,000 notes and tickets
  • Streamlined processes, lower costs

CASHIO Chrome Edition

CASHIO Platinum Jackpot Edition

Our CASHIO Platinum Jackpot terminal is the solution for jackpot payout in casinos.


CASHIO Platinum Jackpot features:

  • Increase of revenue and simultaneous cost reduction
  • Jackpot payout
  • Payout of jackpots to the last cent with banknotes and coins
  • Optional printout of a gaming ticket for jackpots
  • Operator bill breaking
  • Secure storage of cash
  • Documentation of all transactions
  • Rear access option available

CASHIO Platinum Terminal