Rodi is the new advertising and information platform from CountR.


The Digital Signage System features broad scalability for advertisement and information displays being located in very different and remote locations. Due to the central management of the content to be displayed, total administration cost is low, marketing activities can be managed in real time from a central location, and the really displayed advertisement can be accounted for.

All regular video and picture format as well as power point presentations can be played. Certainly news can also be displayed using the news ticker functionality. As special eye-catcher for your representative areas we offer a patented, revolving two faced display.

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Rodi contains a central content management system (CMS) to manage all contents to be displayed. With the Rodi Designer and Scheduler software the connected Rodi player are managed, and the content is scheduled onto the players with associated priorities. The system can scale from one player to more than hundred connected players and displays.
The Rodi Player can be connected via LAN/WLAN (Internet) or UMTS (Modem). The also can play their contents Offline, when the connection to the CMS is interrupted. All Rodi Player send the Rodi Manager the really displayed content, which you can review in an easy to read format from a central location.

You can connect all standard displays and projectors. For the representative areas we also offer a rotating Dual-Display with 20“ to 50“ LCD’s. These patented displays feature a very high advertisement effect by being an eye-catcher. We also offer high end models for wall mounting as well as specially treated surfaces on customer request.
These products already have that PC for the Rodi player integrated. To operate them only a power supply is needed.  More connectors are omitted, because they come with an integrated DLAN or WLAN adaptor.
To watch Live-TV on the displays the system features the Rodi Video-Streamer. They enable you to play Live-TV at any time on any of the connected Rodi displays.

Please feel free to contact us, so we can offer you a customized solution for your industry sector.


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